agrajag: I think them kind of comments show Broughy isn't an active creator (or watching the stream hot bothered and, for some reason, playing a job style he's already averse to on settings he's even more averse to). Jun 8, 2021 13:25:57 GMT
agrajag: You'll never please everyone but that series pleases many. As Halc says focus on them, your target audience. Jun 8, 2021 13:31:30 GMT *
gosccp: Check out the winners from Showcase Best Of Smooth Killing 28th April Jun 9, 2021 0:33:05 GMT
yo11: Sorry to hear about the feedback. How'd he find your race in the first place? Jun 9, 2021 20:43:27 GMT
ganz77: yeh that's bollocks that..typical...kind of thing that'd happen to me ...wrong class or put into wrong mode ...v harsh Jun 10, 2021 6:07:24 GMT
Dr_Geo: FYI Monster Truckin Mayhem is back tomorrow night (yes I actually remembered! Hazzah!) Jun 13, 2021 20:15:56 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: congradulations ManOfFire for winning cybi sci fi horror theme. next theme he picked for cybi is summer holidays and or vacations Jun 13, 2021 21:23:23 GMT
NerfThis_97: Question: Does deleting a post I posted on the crew wall delete it completely or just from my side? (no longer anyone else can see it) Jun 15, 2021 16:16:11 GMT
NerfThis_97: I'm asking this because I shared a post by mistake while I intended to make a comment on my job instead Jun 15, 2021 16:17:03 GMT *
geenopa: Yup. If you delete it, its gone. You got away with it! Jun 15, 2021 18:02:36 GMT
NerfThis_97: In capture (GTA), is there is a way to customize the respawn vehicles? or at least know their current customization before testing with friends? Jun 17, 2021 17:56:56 GMT
agrajag: No way of knowing however it'll be the default health, weapons settings that you'll get when placing that vehicle. Colour is random as far as I know. Jun 17, 2021 18:11:38 GMT
NerfThis_97: thanks terto.. seems like I can proceed with my creation now :D Jun 17, 2021 18:30:05 GMT
enigmatim: Special Edition of TWOL Friday @ 10:30PM England - Scotland theme in honour of the Football match immediately preceding the event (and the reason it will be late this week) Jun 17, 2021 21:09:24 GMT
enigmatim: TBTWOL ENG v SCO Jun 18, 2021 3:36:33 GMT
navnavranger: Guys, I have a question. I've been using GTALens for the first time, but don't know yet how to earn Contribution Points. Can someone explain how to earn these? Jun 18, 2021 13:47:28 GMT
enigmatim: alas the event must have been two close to the game, not enough joined to start the PL. Will re-run the playlist at the next TWOL Jun 18, 2021 21:46:20 GMT
agrajag: For now the ways are the following: (1) leaving reviews (2) get your collections verified (3) get your jobs verified. Jobs Verified by community (currently just the Broughy test series) or via reviews on the site. Jun 19, 2021 1:33:57 GMT
theicide: I've gotten contribution points for posting showcase videos to my jobs. My question is what do I do with the contribution points? Is it just for accolades or do they have a purpose? Jun 19, 2021 23:20:23 GMT
navnavranger: Thanks for the tips. Very useful. Jun 20, 2021 11:33:28 GMT

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