enigmatim: They fixed fireworks!!! Jul 20, 2021 19:06:27 GMT
Dr_Geo: lol Jul 20, 2021 21:52:28 GMT
CatmanReturns: hooray! fireworks! Jul 20, 2021 22:48:51 GMT
enigmatim: Also, today I managed to successfully invite someone on page 3. None of this 'you're not on my first two pages' nonsense Jul 20, 2021 23:18:27 GMT
Dr_Geo: thanks for the heads up I'l have to try that Jul 20, 2021 23:22:39 GMT
Ozzy: SORRY (!!!) there are no new props in creator, i was spreading misinformation from you tube. they might have said: look there are new props - in the races.. my bad, mea culpa Jul 22, 2021 9:50:15 GMT *
enigmatim: large race building complex and bleacher props under 'racing buildings' are new aren't they? Jul 22, 2021 9:58:57 GMT
enigmatim: Only ever saw the varying length of building, no the big one or the seats Jul 22, 2021 9:59:29 GMT
agrajag: They've always been available in races but never combat jobs Jul 22, 2021 15:08:50 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: Anyone else having issues with ps app messages, cannot send or party Jul 22, 2021 15:46:34 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: Vdm s seem to be broken,half the vehicles are replaced with tanks ,not sure why Jul 24, 2021 10:54:09 GMT
Massaker: how to get 'murica colored props >>> Jul 24, 2021 16:09:42 GMT
geenopa: tadaa! lol. thx for sharing . The ways of the creator are deep and mysterious! (and stupid) Jul 24, 2021 22:18:24 GMT
Massaker: i have to admit stupcat and tj asked for a simple version of the glitch. all credits go to lucas >>> Jul 25, 2021 0:43:47 GMT
geenopa: And its ok ! Was hoping I missed something! Jul 25, 2021 1:20:16 GMT
geenopa: This Lucas person is making waves! He GCCC yet? lol Jul 25, 2021 1:23:14 GMT
kossmo: Hi everyone! Sorry for disappearing suddenly for a day in the crew... Had a technical problem and it was necessery to solve it... Happy to be back :) Jul 28, 2021 13:39:07 GMT
kossmo: Realy back... The game is again for me what I always loved and still love. So, problem solved :D Jul 28, 2021 13:40:26 GMT
geenopa: Still getting blue screens daily. And always when making a job pic, lobby pic or even a pic with the phone in freemode. Is it just me? Jul 30, 2021 12:02:08 GMT
HALC_187: Blue screened twice in creator on job pic, I test and save/publish before adding now. Don't use the characters camera so don't know on that one. Loading my friends list in a job screen has blue scteened me twice too Jul 30, 2021 16:27:35 GMT

GTA Content Creator Crews (GCCC)

Joining the Forums

Our forums are free to join and we welcome all creators who adhere to our communication rules to share creators tips, videos and otherwise use our site. You do not need to be part of any of our crews or affiliates to use these forums. However please be careful about submitting jobs to events in the Share Sections as these are (almost always) crew and affiliates only!

Joining our crews

Our PS4 crew is application only! This means you must create a post in the welcome board in order to be accepted to the crew, as well as making sure your social club profile settings are visible described below. Due to the amount of requests on social club (and poor mass admin functionality) we will ignore all join requests made via social club!

The other GTA Content Creator crews are invite only (as apposed to application only) but are also inundated with requests so if you want to join the best, and quickest, way to join is through creating a welcome topic. No matter which crew you join we pick friendly players with visible profiles who want to help their fellow creators. Please check if you meet these simple requirements first!

Most of our crews periodically kick inactive members (that's those that no longer play GTA, we don't require members to be constantly tagged up as GCCC), focusing on muscle ranks, so if you're looking to avoid being kicked simply create a welcome topic, "like" our rules and claim your representive rank.

Before Joining

  1. 1. Set your profile visibility to "everyone"
  2. 2. Link your account for your chosen console to social club(e.g PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS4 crews, Xbox Live account for Xbox and XB1 crews)
  3. 3. Set the visibility of your linked account to "everyone"
  4. 4. Set your wall visibility to "everyone" or "friends & crew"
  5. 5. Set your game stats visibilty to "everyone"
  6. 6. Agree to our crew rules.

You are then free to create a short welcome topic so we can process your request.

After Joining

  1. 1. You are free to set your profile, game stats, wall and linked account visibility to "friends & crew".
  2. 2. We strongly encourage you to Create custom content for your platform, share it to our events via your platforms share section and/or simply join our events / other crew members to enjoy our custom content. The more you Create, Share, Play the more you'll enjoy the crew.
  3. 3. Check out our events for your console on the crew's social club page and be a good sport to earn your promotion to Representative and then Lieutenant. The more you Create, Share, Play the higher rank you'll obtain (catching a pattern here?)
  4. 4. Help out in events (from hosting rhe whole event, hosting a second lobby, attendee lists to sharing streams), write useful constructive reviews and you have a chance of becoming Commissioners. That's how they got there.

We appreciate everyone who provides a active positive influence in the crew. The action & fun is quite literally made by you!

Changing Platforms?

We operate one crew per platform so it's easy to find players and creations you can play with. You can probably move straight over to Content Creators PS4, Content Creators XB1 or Content Creators PC crews.

Check your settings meet the above minimum joining requirements. Member ranks transer over to new consoles so it's worth staying with GCCC even when you change platforms. Just make sure to claim your new rank and ask to join one of the above crews. We appreciate the loyalty.

Our Affiliate System

We also operate a affiliate system in order to Create, Share & Play with even more crews (particularly on particular ideas or events). We aim to treat people tagged up with one of our affiliate tags as we would any of our own crew members as long as they follow our crew rules while within our events and using our forums. While within their own crews & events we aim to ensure our members do likewise!

Our affiliates work independently from GCCC otherwise, with crews processing member requests and everything else seperately from GCCC. We encourage you check our these crews as safe spaces within GTA online each offering something slightly different from GCCC (although we of course hope you also stay with us!)

We are usually happy to work with crews who share our ethos of Create, Share, Play in someway, have similar rules and wish to colleberate with us in a mutually beneficial way. If you wish you become a affiliate contact a crew leader or commissioner on the platform you wish you affiliate with.

How to Change Your Settings (Visual Guide)

1. Login to Rockstar Social Club, click on your profile picture (top right) then settings

Join Profile Settings

2. Click privacy

Join Privacy

3. Set your Console's network visibility, profile visibility, wall visibility & Game Stats visiblity to "everyone"

Join Settings

4. If you don't see the option to make your PSN account or XBox Live visible you may need to link your account. To do this click on the "Linked Accounts" tab and link your PlayStation network or XBox Live account.

Join Linked Accounts
Join Linked Accounts