Dr_Geo: The Purge Summer Special is coming 27th August! Aug 15, 2021 16:39:38 GMT *
noohkadhem: Question: can you place the karting car (dinka vito) in a deathmatch because i can’t find it Aug 20, 2021 13:09:16 GMT
o_ManOfFire_o: No, the go-karts are not available in the creator Aug 20, 2021 19:16:05 GMT
flensation: Shame actually. Could be great fun making a real mario cart race with them :) Aug 21, 2021 19:22:34 GMT
Dr_Geo: could finally put them in Alternate tuesdays like I was looking forward to doing.... Aug 22, 2021 18:47:28 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: Hi everyone 1l4a is tomorrow 8 pm uk Aug 28, 2021 20:55:19 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: I’m at 11 subs for 1l4a I’ll make list early tomorrow,msg me if your submitting late pls Aug 28, 2021 21:11:29 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: 13 subs for 1l4a I’m assuming there is no more ? Pre lobby730 pm uk today Aug 29, 2021 14:40:57 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: Congratulations 🥳 enigmatim 🙃winner of 1L4A Ls customs edition 👏👏👏Tim you are on a roll 🎢 Sept 5, 2021 11:03:19 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: The new location for 1L4A is Raton Canyon Bridge- must include bridge Sept 5, 2021 12:27:40 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: PLS NO HARD PARKOURS OR STUNTS @1l4a if your a pro have your creations tested by an average player.15 mins max job length Sept 5, 2021 12:29:21 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: Hi everyone 🙃 sandkings n big gas tanks underneath it can cause bad bricking on hills n other parts of a race,it reduces the clearance underneath the truck 🛻 Sept 13, 2021 0:05:11 GMT
agrajag: Found that out on your race, thanks for teaching me twice :P Sept 13, 2021 18:57:53 GMT
Dr_Geo: ^lol Sept 13, 2021 21:01:27 GMT
Dr_Geo: Quick last call for Donk (big wheels) based Jobs for tomorrow nights Alt. Tuesdays Sept 13, 2021 21:04:05 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: Remember to vote for your favourite donk creations from geos put a donk on it 🙃 Sept 15, 2021 15:09:18 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: Can you build it is September 26 not oct 3 rd. Forums corrected to properl date Sept 15, 2021 15:17:21 GMT
worldracingweggy: hello, what is the " can you build it " thingymajig? could i join please, Weggy Sept 16, 2021 16:30:44 GMT
geenopa: Take a look here . Sept 16, 2021 16:58:44 GMT
Peacefull-RED-777: Hi everyone cybi teamwork edition is 9 days away. Pls make sue your creations are team oriented 🙃 if you can win without direct help of others then that’s not teamwork 🙃pls keep that in mind .thank you Sept 17, 2021 12:18:04 GMT

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