hanuman01: Coximagination Challenge #6 details here. Message me if you would like to take part :) Dec 29, 2019 22:26:12 GMT
Draizen--One: Just passing by to say that I miss the old GTA Online and Content Creator days. Dec 30, 2019 5:35:17 GMT
Otto_Brenner: As a little reminder: The first event in 2020 will be RACEWARS-Best of 2019 -> Info <- I hope to see you all. No matter, how drunk you are still there... ;) Dec 31, 2019 5:48:46 GMT *
Dr_Geo: No Crew events today. Wish all my crewbies a happy new year and hope to see many of you in 2020 Dec 31, 2019 17:54:36 GMT
x_Korax: Happy new year y'all! <3 Jan 1, 2020 0:35:06 GMT
enigmatim: GCCC's Got Talent #16. Tonight at 8PM GMT. Be there :) Jan 2, 2020 9:00:07 GMT
Ozzy: HAPPY 2020 Jan 3, 2020 14:14:30 GMT
gosccp: Hi my crewbies !!! I'm back to the old and possible new jobs like Commi. already It's been 6 years in this game lol so let's start 2020 officially :D Jan 6, 2020 23:00:05 GMT
ganz77: Not had a job in an event for weeks ditch Civ 6 and get back in creator..... Jan 8, 2020 3:18:58 GMT
ManOfFire: , just put some rockets in races and submit them to Vanquish. Desperate for decent GTA races. Jan 8, 2020 9:05:01 GMT
ganz77: I have a few GTA ones Jan 9, 2020 3:16:29 GMT
ganz77: The vanquish submission thread has been locked Jan 9, 2020 3:17:48 GMT
enigmatim: Jan 9, 2020 10:33:50 GMT
enigmatim: GCCC's Got Talent tonight at 8PM GMT, be there or be a regular quadrilateral Jan 9, 2020 15:41:19 GMT
DahhPhattMann: Freestyle world tonight,8PM UK/3PM EST & 12PM PST,Hosted by DahhPhattMann (rzasman) everybody welcome,crew lobby 30 mins before,c u there Jan 10, 2020 12:11:49 GMT
gosccp: Sat 11th January: Oldschool Saturday @10pm GMT hosted by gosccp Jan 11, 2020 14:48:10 GMT
gosccp: Sun 12th January: Sunday StuntDay @5pm GMT hosted by gosccp | Sunday Fever @ 8pm GMT (3pm ET) hosted by BROWNY84_SAFC_10 Jan 12, 2020 13:50:15 GMT
enigmatim: GCCC's Got Talent #18 tonight at 8PM GMT Jan 16, 2020 14:02:41 GMT
MarcAnthony_95: Heres a question, was "One Minute Wonders" a one off event or will there be another? Jan 16, 2020 21:08:47 GMT
gosccp: Hi Mate, we have another 26th January, link here: Jan 16, 2020 22:20:20 GMT

Videos of the Month

Snapmatics of the Month

SEPTEMBER 2017 - Scully's Abduciton by sleepwalk1980
JULY 2017 - LS Noire by Duffi_21
MAY 2017 - Wonder woman by madmama989
MARCH 2017 - Night moves by Winter_Soldier
JANUARY 2017 - Who the hell is still trimming hedges by Nemosphene
DECEMBER 2016 - In Your Face by fredouille60
DECEMBER 2016 - Milk Run by quaid86
NOVEMBER 2016 - Suki by Blu3inkcrazy
NOVEMBER 2016 - War Party Head on by ShelbyGR
NOVEMBER 2016 - Firestorm by madmama989
OCTOBER 2016 - Unite and Take Over by GVJLIMA
AUGUST 2016 - Barney's back...and he's hungry! by nemosphene
JULY 2016 - Go Smurfs by ShelbyGR
JUNE 2016 - The Bride (red) by ShelbyGR
APRIL 2016 - Wing Zero Gundam by Shantu_786
MARCH 2016 - Farting Horse by stronktank
MARCH 2016- Follow The Yellow Brick Road... by ShelbyGR
FEBRUARY 2016 - Davy Jones' Locker by stronktank
JANUARY 2016 - BMX Silhouette by thealivebeast
DECEMBER 2015 - Santa, please! by tikoum
NOVEMBER 2015 - Catwoman by ShelbyGR
OCTOBER 2015 - Too hot to modify by Dillono
SEPTEMBER 2015 - Stronkosauruses by stronktank
AUGUST 2015 - Chumash by HiddenSaint27
JUNE 2015 - JUMP THE DUMP!!! by atheistsw
MAY 2015 - PILLBOX HILL by stronktank
APRIL 2015 - untitled by STIFLER---013

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