fredouille60: Hi , please introduce yourself here Aug 16, 2017 15:18:53 GMT
loftonian: Submit Your Jobs For Deja Vu #9! And check out the EVENT THREAD to VOTE on a SPECIAL DEJA VU EVENT Aug 16, 2017 16:30:49 GMT *
aleko: Thank you :) Aug 16, 2017 18:33:02 GMT
ob: Hi Aleko! There you are.. Fine. And welcome... Aug 16, 2017 21:58:51 GMT
aleko: Hi everyone :) How can we vote for the GCCCRW races? Aug 17, 2017 13:20:11 GMT
atheistsw: - go here: Aug 17, 2017 13:22:53 GMT
Ozzy: its thursday so its pre-weekend ;) happy gaming guys Aug 17, 2017 15:14:37 GMT
The_Geo_Stigma: Our new event Creators Spotlight thread is now live, please visit and vote for the creators you want to see Aug 17, 2017 17:21:31 GMT
juicy: , same to you! Aug 17, 2017 18:26:19 GMT
juicy: Love the new creators spotlight event! 🔥❤️🔥 Aug 18, 2017 5:51:07 GMT
jc3chaosgamer: I am pleased about creators spotlight crew event. :) I appreciate everyone who organises the crew events. Aug 18, 2017 12:35:36 GMT
juicy: , yeah - and it's cool to do something for the less known folks among us. Aug 18, 2017 15:47:58 GMT
NorthernScript: Reminder: tonights RaceWars ReRun changes over to the PreRun! Aug 18, 2017 16:17:01 GMT
The_Geo_Stigma: , I'm loving the response on the poll votes, I hope that there will be attendence to match, It's entertaining almost to check and see how the votes have changed every so often Aug 19, 2017 0:08:56 GMT
jc3chaosgamer: Here Is a link to vote and for more information about Creators Spotlight crew event
I am pleased the votes are changing a lot.
Aug 19, 2017 11:18:11 GMT *
Zorvaine: Pre-Lobby & Party Chat Portal for Honor Among Thieves is now open. ZYLO's & GCCC's Bi-Weekly Capture Event. Add either Zorvaine or RODO77 to participate. Aug 19, 2017 18:48:31 GMT
derjeanspsn: hi Aug 19, 2017 20:03:14 GMT
derjeanspsn: Excuse me but I have a question. Where can I agree to the rules?? Aug 19, 2017 20:04:10 GMT
fredouille60: Hi , just click "this rock" on the rules ( the little star in the top right hand corner ). Aug 19, 2017 21:14:18 GMT
derjeanspsn: Thank you very much :) Aug 20, 2017 10:27:32 GMT

GTA Content Creator Crews (GCCC)

Important: How to Join

Our PS3 crew and PS4 crew are application only! This means you must create a post in the welcome board in order to be accepted to the crew, as well as making sure your social club profile settings are visible described below.

The other GTA Content Creator crews are invite only (as apposed to application only) but are also inundated with requests so if you want to join the best, and quickest, way to join is through creating a welcome topic. No matter which crew you join we pick friendly players with visible profiles who want to help their fellow creators. Please check if you meet these simple requirements first!

Most of our crews periodically kick inactive members (that's those that no longer play GTA, we don't require members to be constantly tagged up as GCCC), focusing on muscle ranks, so if you're looking to avoid being kicked simply create a welcome topic, "like" our rules and claim your higher rank.

Before Joining

  1. 1. Set your profile visibility to "everyone"
  2. 2. Link your account for your chosen console to social club(e.g PlayStation Network for PS3 and PS4 crews, Xbox Live account for Xbox and XB1 crews)
  3. 3. Set the visibility of your linked account to "everyone"
  4. 4. Set your wall visibility to "everyone" or "friends & crew"
  5. 5. Set your game stats visibilty to "everyone"
  6. 6. Agree to our crew rules.

After Joining

  1. 1. You are free to set your profile, game stats, wall and linked account visibility to "friends & crew".
  2. 2. Join our forums and say hello in the welcome pages.
  3. 3. Create or review at least one custom creation for the platform you are moving to. We are a creator crew, after all.
  4. 4. Check out our events for your console on the crew's social club page and be a good sport to earn your promotion to Representative and then Lieutenant.
  5. 5. Help out in events, write useful reviews and you have a chance of becoming Commissioners. That's how they got there.

Going Next-Gen?

We operate one crew per platform so it's easy to find players and creations you can play with.

Are you already in GTA Content Creators on PS3 or Creators Core Club on Xbox 360?

You can probably move straight over to Content Creators PS4, Content Creators XB1 or Content Creators PC.

Check your settings before joining any next-gen crew just to make sure you get accepted.

Members with Lieutenant rank or higher will carry their rank over directly. It's worth staying with GCCC even when you change platforms. We appreciate the loyalty.

How to Change Your Settings (Visual Guide)

1. Log in to R* Social Club and click on the gear symbol

Gear photo Gear_zps2599ffe6.jpg

2. Then click on "Settings"

Settings photo Settings_zps5b3c603a.jpg

3. Click on the "Privacy" tab and make sure your settings are set as described above.

Social Club visibility photo Social Club visibility_zpsdfpy4lti.jpg

4. If you don't see the option to make your PSN account or XBox Live visible you may need to link your account. To do this click on the "Linked Accounts" tab and link your PlayStation network or XBox Live account.

PSN link photo Linkedaccount_zps0a30a7b1.jpg